Sarah Medzyk, M.S.

Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist



When life is just getting to be a little too much, or you need support for a chronic condition like depression or anxiety.



Couples therapy isn't just for when you're fighting-- it can be an excellent 'check up', or  preventive maintenance



There is no right way to grieve. I offer support and education throughout your greiving process



Family conflict and dysfunction can cause chaos at home, lost trust, and difficulty connecting with your loved ones.

My Approach

I hope to help you develop insight, clarity, motivation, and a love for who you are and what you offer in this world. I work at your pace, in a safe, non-judgmental environment; your experiences, hobbies, loves, knowledge, values, and beliefs make you who you are and I am looking forward to getting to know you. I utilize traditional talk therapy techniques, narrative therapy, psychoeducation, solution focused therapy, behavior therapy, and more to achieve those goals.



I have experience with teens, adults, and older adults (55+), I am LGBT+ affirmative, sex positive, and familiar with most major religious traditions and accepting of religious practices and beliefs.

About me

I graduated from CSU Bakersfield with my Masters in Counseling Psychology. I was a manager at our on campus clinic providing low cost mental health care. I love working with my clients and getting to know them on a deep level.